Friday, November 28, 2008

Misplaced Belief

I'm pretty sure many people have experienced this 'misplaced belief' at some point or another. I'm not sure what the real terminology of this experience is and I'm not concerned about the 'nitty gritty' of the science related to this feeling. But I will try and explain what I mean by this term 'misplaced belief' and my recent incident.

Have you ever miscalculated a step when coming down or going up a staircase? Having 'believed' that there is a still a step remaining and when you put your foot down 'wham' it goes down quite fast and astonishes you...


Ever been handed over a bag or item which you 'believed' to be lighter than it actually is... when you take over that item you become overwhelmed by its weight, only because you miscalculated its reality.

Well, the same sort of incident occurred with me the other day when I was heading towards my car. I thought there was still some pavement left and found myself unbalanced by the step which placed me on the road. It isn't a major deal, right? Well it happens every now and then to many people and it's just due to miscalculation.

Exactly what I thought when the above incident took place... and then I thought a little more at how interesting these small matters actually are... our beliefs can be so strong that when they turn out to be wrong we are caught off guard and overcome by the truth.

Like I mentioned above, in normal circumstances, we are able to carry heavy items; but when we miscalculate an item to be lighter than it is we can become easily overwhelmed by a relatively light object.

This is a trivial matter, but the lessons that stem from it are very important


Whilst pondering over the above incident, a famous saying of our Nabi صلى الله عليه و سلم crossed my mind:

الكيس من دان نفسه، وعمل لما بعد الموت، والعاجز من أتبع نفسه هواها، وتمنى على الله

Wise is he who controls his desires and works towards that which is to occur after death; whilst a ignorant is he who follows that temptations of his desires and (regardless of that) keeps hope in (the mercy of) Allah.

For a person has misplaced belief in the mercy of Allah will, in the same manner of this world, be overwhelmed when reality will occur.

A person is required to make an effort in attaining the mercy of Allah and we have been clearly informed that our entering Jannah will be through the mercy of Allah alone and not through our actions and deeds.

The overwhelming in this world is an incident which lasts for a moment or so; but our misplaced belief in the mercy of Allah can overwhelm us in such a manner that it can drive us towards the fire of Hell.

May Allah save us all and give us the understanding of His mercy. May He save us from ignorance and give us strong belief in matters which are correct and not 'misplaced'. Aameen

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where Are You?

I'm not sure how true this is for other readers, but I sometimes get this 'lonely' feeling or period where I feel that all the people that matter or that I care for or those who care for me are really 'busy', 'pre-occupied' or just 'disappeared'.

It's a funny feeling really, as I don't know if my 'loneliness' is sparked by those people not being around when I need them or whether my need for them is sparked when I feel lonely.

In all fairness, we tend to remember all the times a person was not there for us or things they didn't do for us as opposed to the contrary; the times when they stuck by us and where supportive, specially when we were in dire need of it.

Nevertheless, a spark of loneliness leaves me pondering where is everyone? Is the world just become 'faster' and 'busier' leaving the people within short of time and energy? Is the world becoming selfish and self-centred where the only things that matters to a person is himself? Or is it that people are becoming more attached to one another and to this materialistic world?

I can recall a phase in my life which was completely different to the current phase; a phase when everyone had time for one another; people met, talked and really socialised in a manner which was not Islamically wrong or breaking boundaries... And now I see that parents has selective time for their children and if that is the case of family then what needs to be said about friends and relatives.


It might seem like a 'mumbling' post and therefore I'm going to really just get to the point. At times we really make an effort to 'communicate' with friends; to ensure that we are around and that we keep in 'contact'. Yet time is such a powerful tool that it can separate people in many ways... We can remain friends yet be busy with our own lives; or we could be physically separated through relocating or even worse we could turn into enemies and not want to have any contact with one another.

In all this, there usually is an emotional feeling attached. We either feel hurt, lost or maybe even alone. And this should be the case considering the amount of effort we place in these relations and connections.

At the same time, I thought, what if we were to place the same effort and dedication in befriending Allah? What if a day wouldn't pass where we ensured that we had conversed with Allah; gave him a 'quick call' or a simple 'text message' just to let Him know we are thinking of Him and missing Him?

What if our separation from Him caused us pain and grief; made us feel lonely, lost and saddened?

What if we ensured that we met regularly with Him; heard Him and talked about Him?

If we placed that much of an effort in befriending Allah; trying to please Him then it is guaranteed that Allah would return this friendship at a much greater level.

He would never leave us and would be there in times of sorrow and grief. He would give us support in times of hardship and would never leave our side so that we would never feel lonely. If we called Him then He would surely answer and not miss a single of our calls. If we created love for Him then we would surely feel the desire to meet Him.

Yet we choose to console our hearts with the love and friendship of 'temporary' things; materialistic items and with people that will come and go...

The way I look at it... There is not better friend than Allah....

May Allah give us the guidance to befriend Him and may He accept this friendship and accept us as His Khaleel. Aameen.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Battery Charging & Manual

The majority of us, if not all, will have a mobile phone; and we would all be aware of its usage and functionalities.

Recently, due to Ramadhan, I’ve not been giving my phone a complete charge and therefore the battery either becomes close to ‘dying’ or actually does ‘die’ on me.

On many phones that I have used in the past, I have a bleeping sound warning me of the low battery charge and ‘hoping’ that I will connect it to the mains to give it a recharge. Recently, with the change of phone, I have a ‘lecture’ accompanying the bleep warning me that I could lose any unsaved work if I did not charge my phone.

It’s amazing in this technologically advancing world how many products require charging or some form of power supply, be it through batteries or through the mains. In the same manner, these items all come with a level of instructions and manuals to ensure correct usage of the product and eliminating the risk of rendering the product faulty.

I was thinking along these points during the month of Ramadhan, how our bodies also feel depleted of energy levels and how these levels of energy are increased during the time of breaking our fast and the sleep we have during the night.


It occurred to me that in the way our accessories and gadgets require an energy source so does our physical body; by far the greatest ‘technology’ and ‘machinery’. In the same manner, as it is the month of Ramadhan, my mind drifted towards the spiritual body. Just as the technologies of today require a power source and the body requires an energy source, so does the spiritual body and Rooh (spirit, soul) require nourishment, energy and power.

Our mobile will continue to serve us and be of use as long as it has battery power; our bodies will function and have the strength to carry out our daily duties and necessities as long as it contains the energy and in the same manner our spiritual existence will continue to please Allah and create a connection with Him if we provide it with the correct nourishment.

It is in this month that there has been a greater awareness of this from Allah تعالى as a great level of emphasis has been placed on the existence of one’s spiritual needs. So much so, that we have been told to decrease the energy we give to our physical bodies so that we can strengthen our spirituality and create, within this month, a connection with Allah, our power source, who will illuminate our hearts, Insha Allah, with Nur (divine light).

It is through this divine light that we hope to continue our days serving Allah تعالى and whenever necessary we need to ensure that this power and energy is ‘topped up’ through the Faraidh, Sunan and Nawaafil (obligatory, optional and recommended acts).

Being the month of Ramadhan, I hope to keep this post to a minimum. But I pray that the message of this post as well as this month is clear; increase your spiritual awareness and its needs; increase the energy one places on one’s soul.

May Allah تعالى increase our connection with Him and make this connection a means for our salvation. May this month honour us with the mercy of Allah, His forgiveness and become a means of freedom from the fire of Hell. Aameen.

Du’as requested, especially in this blessed month.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Whilst on my recent trip I was at an island for which the main form of transportation was either to walk by foot or by cycling. An alternative transportation, which I would class as more luxurious and occasional, would be the horse and carriage, mainly used as an attraction for the tourists visiting the island.

Whilst watching these horse driven carriages I noticed that the horse is made to wear a bridle along with eye covers which ensure that the horse's vision remains on the road and is not distracted towards the sides.

It is an important preparation for the rider to ensure the safety of the passengers as well as his well-being and that of the horse. Though the eye covers seem to be a restriction to the onlooker they actually ensure that the horse remains on the path he is supposed to take and is not distracted by other horses or disturbances which may occur in the surrounding.


As individuals we all have a unique lifestyle; one that is determined by the many choices we have made and intend to make as well as those matters which are beyond our control and, at times, beyond our imagination.

We experience, from day to day, sorrow, grief, happiness, anxiety, anger, stress, disbelief, exhaustion, depression and determination amongst many other emotions and feelings. At times these feelings determine our course of action and thereby set our lifestyle which we established for ourselves.

This is a matter which relates to our present, transitory life; the life of this temporary world.

However, whilst passing our days in this momentary world we are required to stay focused on our long-term goal, the Hereafter. It would be of no use to acquire success and prosperity in this world at the cost of the Hereafter just as it would be useless to acquire a short-term goal at the expense of the ultimate goal.

For example, to acquire qualifications in medication and thereafter work in a call-centre or factory where the conditions, perks and pay do not meet the standards who hoped for. Hence, the short term achievements are important as long as they serve as a stepping stone for the long-term goal.

In the same manner, all that we do in this world will only be deemed useful and of benefit if it becomes a means of acquiring salvation in the Hereafter and therefore it is vital to put these 'covers' upon our eyes which safeguard us from the distractions of this world and allow us to stay upon the 'straight path' which leads towards our ultimate goal and destination.

May Allah give us all the strength to stay firm on the straight path which He has clearly defined and set for us. May He give us the inclination to safeguard ourselves from the distractions which surround this path and towards which Shaytaan continually entices us. May He give us the inclination to strengthen our Taqwa so that the fear and love of Allah and His beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم become the 'covers' upon our eyes; guiding us to our ultimate goal, the Hereafter. Aameen.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Battery Low

The exam periods have now come to an end, with most students awaiting their results and grades to continue into the next year of university or to confirm their offers from universities and colleges.

Seeing as I use my car more often than I used to whilst being at university, I noticed that despite changing my battery a few months back I still have the feeling that this battery is 'whining' and is not powering up as it should, especially for a battery which is six months old.

Six months ago my battery had given up all the power it had, although I noticed I could still recharge it with the small amount of power it had left. Therefore, I decided to charge the battery and drive over and get one that is 'life guaranteed' to ensure I don't have any problems in the future... but luck has it that my battery needs another replacement in just six months and I will have to take it back and get it changed for a new one.


An episode of a battery; not the most exciting of posts and neither the most interesting of stories. But despite that this incident is one that occurred every time I would start the car; the whining for ten seconds followed by the roar of the engine always made me think of my battery and the fact that I needed to get it changed.

The battery powers up the motor (car) and makes the gadgets within the car work; the life and soul of the car.

In the same manner, I felt that our hearts have the same characteristics; it powers up the soul and the spiritual existence within us. The heart goes through phases which can be compared to the dying battery as well as to that of the powered battery.

At times our spiritual battery comes to a low and requires boosting through jump leads; this can be achieved, at times, through the short bursts of energy gained from the talks and gatherings that take place either on a regular basis on special talks which occur every once in a while.

At other times, the batter will not suffice through jump starting from another battery, instead it requires to be charged by a battery charger over a period of time and this is the same as seeking a spiritual guide (Shaykh) and asking the Shaykh to charge one's heart with spiritualism over a longer period to ensure that there is enough power to take a person through the hurdles, tests and trials of this world.

Alhumdulillah, the heart of a Muslim has enough power to never die out and be replaced; the spark of Imaan remains in the heart of every Muslim and just requires the power of the Shaykh, 'Ulamaa and the company of the pious to turn the spark and into a flame.

We, as Muslims, have an option of continuosly jump starting our batteries by attending the talks of the Shuyookh as well as to remain in their company and charge our batteries completely. If we fail to do this then we may just find ourselves stranded one day without an indication as to where we are and how we will get out of the place we have got into...

No battery, no power, no jump leads and no one to help us... In this world we may think that will never happen and there is always a solution - but - in the Hereafter it will surely occur... No battery, no power, no jump leads and we will not be able to 'drive' to Jannah but instead we will be driven towards Jahannam:

وَسِيقَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا إِلَى جَهَنَّمَ زُمَرًا

"And those who disbelieved will be driven to Hell In groups"

[Surah Zumur - 39:71]

May Allah سبحانه و تعالى save us all from the dying heart and keep our hearts alive with His remembrance. Our Nabi صلى الله عليه و سلم has stated:

مَثَلُ الَّذِيْ يَذْكُرُ رَبَّهُ وَالَّذِيْ لاَ يَذْكُرُهُ مَثَلُ الحَيِّ وَالمَيِّتِ

"The example of one who remembers his Lord and the example of one who does not remember Him is that of a living person and a dead person (respectively)."

May Allah سبحانه و تعالى give us all the inclination to glance towards the states of our hearts and hear its whining and cries. May He give us the strength and courage to reform and empower our hearts through His love. Aameen.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


For many of us these months will be stressful as it is the exam periods in schools and universities as well as many Madaaris. It is during these months that we will be examined, ranked and informed as to what we have done and achieved during the year that has just past.

It is no different for me as I am also going through my exams. Alhumdulillah, having already passed all my modules through coursework I am more relaxed during my exams and aim to achieve a better grade due to being less nervous during the actual examination.

Anyway, the concept and idea of examinations is quiet scary; although having put my best into the year I fear the results of the exams; will they really reflect my efforts? Will I be asked something that I overlooked or didn't revise? Did I miss something out without realising? Was my learning method and information I learnt wrong and incorrect?

These are all questions that I can ask myself despite having made an effort throughout the year. And obviously if I failed to make an effort then many more questions will arise and the stress will or should be greater than this.

So after one exam, I have got a taste of what examinations are really like; no matter how hard you try and revise there is always the pressure that will remain and the nervousness will remain until the results are released.


It will be obvious to many what the point of this incident of thought will be. It is a point that we have all been reminded of and all have pondered over. Yet it sometimes feels necessary to repeat these points so that we are reminded, for surely we need reminding of these matters time and again.

Despite knowing that I have passed all the modules and can continue in the second year I feel nervous of these exams and prepare for them to the best of my ability. It isn't necessarily for any financial gain but it is essential for me to achieve what I believe in and what I have set out to achieve.

But it sometimes is disturbing to think how much effort we place in the 'true' examination. How much consideration do we place on that examination where thousands of questions will be asked in front the entire world population; those who have gone before us and those who are yet to come? How much effort do we place to achieve success in that examination where there are no re-takes, no concessions and no hope of survival if we fail?

It is an Arabic saying: "at the time of an examination, a person is either honoured or he is disgraced"

Hadhrat Aisha رضي الله عنها relates that the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم stated: 'whosoever is questioned (on that day) will be destroyed'

An examination where all the questions will be based on our honesty, obedience, intentions and our lifestyle. We have achieved the name of Muslims but do our actions depict this? We claim to love Allah and His Rasool صلى الله عليه و سلم but does our obedience highlight this?

In these exams we can get away with leaving our questions or even guessing the answer; the examiner is not bothered and neither do we have to face him to answer to him. But on the day of the 'true' examination there will be no questions left unanswered, a day when our tongues will not have permission to speak but instead our hands, feet, ears, eyes and other limbs will answer and inform Allah of our deeds

Is this month not a reminder enough that we spend sleepless nights in revision for the success in the following year yet we never spend a night in worship for the success in the Hereafter?

May Allah make us all successful in our examinations in this world and the Hereafter. May he use these examinations to remind us of the true examination that is to come and that may arrive at the next moment... An exam that is guaranteed without an examination date. May He give us the ability and inclination to prepare for this exam so that after preparation He can overlook our shortcomings through His mercy and forgive us by excusing us and appreciating our efforts. Aameen.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Spy With My Little Eye

The title may be familiar to many and may also remind a few of us of our childhood days. Well, I wasn't playing 'I Spy...' recently neither was I able or planning to do so.

Recently, I went through laser surgery. A procedure that a friend of mine had already been through but assured me that it was safe and 'painless'.

Alhumdulillah, the procedure was a success and the recovery is also progressing well. However, it was one of the most frightening experiences I remember. The pain was minimal but the anticipation before the surgery was torturing just as the fear during was overwhelming.

After the treatment my eyes were stinging and burning for a couple of hours during which I was unable to open them or see anything. Water flowed from my eyes and the pain was severe for a couple of hours.

I can say I am pleased to have taken the surgery but I hoped that I was more prepared, more informed and more knowledgeable about the process. It would have definitely reduced my fear a little by knowing what I was going to expect and that I was mentally prepared for it. Physically, I had to ensure my eyes were well lubricated by putting lubricating gel regularly prior to the treatment.


Bringing the rambling to an end, I realised that there were many lessons to learn from this experience.

The obvious one being that the gift of sight is something that we never really appreciate in its completeness. We tend to concentrate on all the negative occurrences in our life but we fail to compare them to all the blessings.

I realised that all the apparent discomforts and hardships of life balanced against the gift of sight would make us realise that we really have something to be grateful for. Try it... Walk around the house for an hour with your eyes closed. Overlook all the bumps and dependency you have and just concentrate on the depressing feeling of nothing but darkness... Should we not be grateful for sight?

I also realised that it is essential to prepare and be ready for occasions such as a laser surgery. It gives us confidence that we made an effort and that it will allow us to be more aware of what will take place. Keeping this point in mind, I thought of the Hereafter, the great trials and tribulations that will take place; the Hell fire and the questioning in extreme conditions.

Should we not prepare ourselves mentally and physically for this? Should we not take heed of the constant reminders warnings from Allah? Should we not ensure that we are ready for the Hereafter by making provisions prior to the event and occurrence of this mighty event?

There is much to understand and much to say... But I feel that if we get this message then it is sufficient.

May Allah make us aware of all His bounties and mercies, even in times of distress. May He give us the ability to be grateful for all we have and the inclination to do good in return.

May we realise the magnitude of events that will unfold before the day of resurrection and those that will occur after it and whilst understanding these events may Allah give us the strength and inclination to prepare ourselves. Aameen

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wake-Up Call

The title is a term we all should be quite familiar with; a wake-up-call is usually referred to that sound our alarm clocks or mobile phones make in the morning to ensure that we're up bright and early.

The wake up call, although a simple term, can carry a lot of meaning if looked at from different angles. The term shows that before this 'wake-up-call' we're actually asleep and unaware of our surroundings and what is happening; as though we're in a state of ignorance.

The 'call' is a form of waking us up from our deep sleep and ignorance and gives us the message to start a new day and begin our moment of awareness.

This blog has been about my perception of life and my experiences and how they can relate to other people and also look into the messages of Allah through the activities of our daily lives.

However, I am more than certain that many people have shared this experience and also felt the natural wake-up-call from Allah, the earthquake.

Many have been discussing the earthquake and also mentioning the point I just mentioned, the sign from Allah.

It doesn't take any convincing to state that our sins definately have some sort of effect, in both this world and the hereafter. At times the effects of these sins are hidden by Allah and made known to the individual and at times the collective effects of these sins are shown to a group or even a nation.


To be honest, I don't really see a great need to discuss the earthquake or what it means and how people are drowing in sins without regret or remorse. I feel that each individual who has some fear of Allah will be aware of the rights and wrongs that he has done. Yet I feel it necessary that each and every one of us should realise that this is a wake up call and we can choose to wake up to this call and begin a new day in the path of pleasing Allah or we can hit the 'snooze' button whilst hoping that the alarm and wak up call will come again, hopefully soon, to make us realise that we are stepping away from His path and earning His displeasure.

It may be that the call may not come again, or it could be possible that the next call will not be a wake up call but a call to anounce His punishment and wrath.

May Allah save us all and allow us to wake up to His calls and signs. Aameen.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


My daughter always seemed to me to be the brave one, especially compared to my niece and nephew who are older than her. I would notice that she was quite ‘daring’ and wouldn’t be afraid to give something a try. In fact, something that would cause butterflies in her stomach actually made her laugh.

My nephew has always had this tendency to be alert and aware; much more now than he was when he was younger; whilst my niece is still willing to give things a try but really hates the butterfly feeling.

Though this may all seem random, it’s actually my thoughts gathered at our local park whilst I took the little ones there to enjoy themselves. I really notice the difference between this trip and the last one I made. The awareness of my nephew, who is the eldest, was far greater than I expected.

It made me realise that my daughter was not really the ‘brave one’ she was the one who was unaware of dangers, boundaries, hurt and pain. With age comes awareness and with awareness comes age. The older we get the more aware we should become; the more we should be able to understand, recognise and refrain from those things that could prove to be harmful to us in anyway.


When we look at kids we should, to some extent, reflect upon ourselves. How ‘aware’ are we in regards to those things that can harm and hurt us? I believe at times we’re quite aware of things that could be dangerous to our bodies and health; yet we either take a risk or we don’t realise just how dangerous these things can prove to be, if not in the present time then in the near future.

Yet how many times have we pondered about how aware we are in regards to Allah? Have we become any closer to Him; to pleasing Him through our age? Were we more sensitive about Allah’s pleasure and displeasure when we were kids or are we becoming wiser with age?

I remember, when we were kids, our mother used to tell us that Allah will burn is in fire if we do something wrong and He will become upset. At that age we used to be constantly reminded or we would constantly question our actions; is Allah going to be displeased with this? Will He punish us?

Yet our awareness in relation to Allah is such that we become more aware of His mercy, or should I say more dependent; whilst we completely overlook His power and promise to punish. In reality, we, with age, have chosen to become more unaware of Allah.

May Allah give us awareness of His might and power as well as His mercy. May He make us understand that His pleasure is ultimate and that nothing should come before His pleasure. May He give us the strength, courage and understanding to that which pleases Him and refrain from that which displeases Him.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Unwavering Intentions

The New Year has now begun, both in the Hijri calendar as well as the Gregorian calendar. This time of the year holds many different customs, norms, traditions as well as celebrations. Many will be aware of the ‘sales’ that take place, whilst others will have suffered the load bangs of people setting fire to their money through the purchasing of fireworks.

It is also during this time that many people make a New Year’s resolution; a statement containing a list of items that one determines to complete and be steadfast upon during the New Year.

I usually tend to grab any opportunity, any excuse to make a resolution; so whether it is a big achievement in life; a new opportunity; my birthday or New Years, I don’t miss a chance to update my resolutions... In fact, we should make a resolution every day reminding us to avoid the mistakes of yesterday.

So now that the New Year is here, should we not use this as an opportunity to make a pact with Allah; to use this opportunity to bow in front of Him and ask Him for another chance?


Well the point is crystal clear... it is as I said above... Don’t waste a moment’s time to make a gesture of good will towards Allah or towards a fellow being. Bring in a change for the better by reflecting upon the past.

So what can be included in a resolution? Anything from the smallest of ‘promises’ to the greatest of Du’as... Start simple and build on it after you have achieved one... Make a list and cross off one by one...

O Allah give me firm and unwavering intentions which I can use to gain Your pleasure and the pleasure of those whom You love. O Allah, grant me the wisdom to make the correct intentions in life and the courage to carry out my intentions. Allah, if You have placed benefit in any act then put it in my fate to do that action and O Allah if there is any action that is not in my favour then You are the Most Merciful, turn me away from that action and distance that action from me.

O Allah clean my heart in the same manner that water cleanses dirty clothes. O Allah quench my thirst with knowledge in the manner that water quenches thirst. O Allah grow the love for You and Your beloved in my heart like the manner in which water grows crops.

O Allah, You are the one who gives and who takes; I ask from You not that which I desire but instead that which You desire for me and I ask You to desire for me not that which is in accordance to my deeds but that which is in accordance to Your mercy and kindness.

O Allah another year has gone within which I was unable to become any closer to You yet Your mercy has given me another chance, another year, O Allah make every remaining moment of my life one that is not wasted in futile goals and materialism; O Allah make every moment one within which Your favours smile upon me not through my worship but through my efforts.

O Allah in this life many people have come and gone; many have given hope of love and many hopes of happiness yet my heart knows that there is no true love except that which is for You and that which is from You; there is no happiness except in those things that make You happy. I beg of You O Allah to remove the false love that drowns my heart and elevate me to a rank where I can understand what it means to love You and be loved by You.

O Allah, my heart is dying through the poison of my sins; O Allah, in this desperate hour of need do not close Your doors of forgiveness on me. O Allah give me the ability to make a sincere repentance to You.

Ya Allah, I am deprived of tears; of remorse; of words and even of the manner of asking from You. O Allah even a beggar is more sincere when he begs. But Allah I am more certain that Your mercy is far greater than the ocean of my errors; I belief in you is firmer than my habits and sins. I ask You through your mercy to grant me my supplication.

O Allah, You alone are aware of my intentions of my Du’as and of my efforts in Your path. I beseech you to accept the little I do and grant it uncounted rewards from Your treasures. My effort has an end, my time is limited and my devotion may waver but O Allah You are free from defects; You are perfect in every sense and there is no limit in Your treasures neither does it decrease; grant me from this endless treasure of Yours an amount similar to Your rule over mankind, an amount which does justice to all of Your beautiful names.

O Allah, on the day of resurrection do not shame us in front of the entire nation; O Allah on that day overlook our errors and sins. Ya Allah, if even a moment of our life is displayed then we will drown in shame and remorse. O Allah, You are Sattaar, the one who hides and conceals, O Allah, You are the Lord which bestows air, food, drink and sleep after we sin and even whilst we’re sinning. O Allah, on that day, we will be dreading every moment of our lives, every action we did. Ya Allah, hide us in Your cloak of concealment. Ya Allah give us shade under Your thrown and make us amongst those whom the Prophet
صلى الله عليه و سلم recognises and asks intercession for; for indeed his intercession will be accepted.

O Allah, send countless blessings upon our beloved Nabi
صلى الله عليه و سلم and make us living examples of his life in this world. O Allah, give us the courage and wisdom to act according to his teachings and not let our emotions and foolishness taint his image and the image of Islam. Ya Allah, give us the honour of seeing the beloved Nabi صلى الله عليه و سلم in this world and in a state where he is pleased with us. O Allah, give us a place in Jannah with him even if it be as his servants.

O Allah, our tongues will tire from asking, our arms from begging and our eyes from shedding tears but O Allah You never become tired. We may stop asking but You never stop listening. We may forget to ask but You know that which is within the hearts. O Allah, we ask You for all good and ask Your refuge from all evil. Grant us that which our Nabi
صلى الله عليه و سلم has sought from You and save us from that which our Nabi صلى الله عليه و سلم has sought refuge from. Aameen.