Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wake-Up Call

The title is a term we all should be quite familiar with; a wake-up-call is usually referred to that sound our alarm clocks or mobile phones make in the morning to ensure that we're up bright and early.

The wake up call, although a simple term, can carry a lot of meaning if looked at from different angles. The term shows that before this 'wake-up-call' we're actually asleep and unaware of our surroundings and what is happening; as though we're in a state of ignorance.

The 'call' is a form of waking us up from our deep sleep and ignorance and gives us the message to start a new day and begin our moment of awareness.

This blog has been about my perception of life and my experiences and how they can relate to other people and also look into the messages of Allah through the activities of our daily lives.

However, I am more than certain that many people have shared this experience and also felt the natural wake-up-call from Allah, the earthquake.

Many have been discussing the earthquake and also mentioning the point I just mentioned, the sign from Allah.

It doesn't take any convincing to state that our sins definately have some sort of effect, in both this world and the hereafter. At times the effects of these sins are hidden by Allah and made known to the individual and at times the collective effects of these sins are shown to a group or even a nation.


To be honest, I don't really see a great need to discuss the earthquake or what it means and how people are drowing in sins without regret or remorse. I feel that each individual who has some fear of Allah will be aware of the rights and wrongs that he has done. Yet I feel it necessary that each and every one of us should realise that this is a wake up call and we can choose to wake up to this call and begin a new day in the path of pleasing Allah or we can hit the 'snooze' button whilst hoping that the alarm and wak up call will come again, hopefully soon, to make us realise that we are stepping away from His path and earning His displeasure.

It may be that the call may not come again, or it could be possible that the next call will not be a wake up call but a call to anounce His punishment and wrath.

May Allah save us all and allow us to wake up to His calls and signs. Aameen.

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