Tuesday, May 31, 2005

No Signs? No Post?

I wake up each day, following the same routine in a zombie like manner. Each day is followed by the same activities that I would expect everyday to hold for me. I get dressed, head to the office, carry out my work there (which varies, but only slightly), followed by a short session of teaching at the Madrassah. Thereafter, back to the office and then lunch (sometimes) and, yes, believe it or not, back to the office. Followed by another session at Madrassah and then back home for Dinner (if I feel like it). Thereafter, some time spent with family and back to bed.

That was my normal routine fitted into one paragraph. Not much changes in that (apart from my unpredictable emotions).

It occurred to me that within all those activities, there hasn't been something that 'startled' me and made me think of Allah Ta'ala and His creation or doings (like the previous post). I then felt a wave of remorse... Am I forgetting Allah?

But now that I look back, I realise, that my actual pattern for a week is the doing of Allah.


I wake up each morning - Allah has returned to me my soul, He has given me life once again after this small death. I could class it as another chance to free my soul from the fire of hell... Do we let this chance go day after day? Or do we make the most of this opportunity that thousands of people don't receive after they lay to sleep?

My daily routine is a mercy from Allah, His kindness and His affection. Man is not accustomed to surprises and shocks. Therefore, surprises arouse extreme forms of feelings, either they make him extremely happy or extremely sad. Our day to day activities are so normal that Allah is saving us from extreme sadness, He saves us from the worry of what will happen next and what we should do next...

If only we could live a day of the lives of those people who do not even know what situation is going to befall them the next minute, let alone the next day. The families of those people who are severely ill; the people who themselves are drowned in a see of illness; those children who have grass as their daily meal, not knowing what will be next on the menu... Shouldn't we thank Allah that our lives are so systematic that we are saved from a million worries a day? Should we not stop complaining about the few worries that befall us and divert our attention towards the millions we are saved from?

May Allah give us all the correct understanding and wisdom to see His signs in our day to day activities. Aameen

Friday, May 20, 2005

How Rich Am I?

During this past couple of days, we have been having some good weather. It may not have been the hottest of days, but at least the sun was out and the sky was clear.

So, I set of in my car, and thought I'd enjoy the weather with a nice long drive (which is like fifteen minutes, because I have to be back at the office). I set off, on a long stretch of road (keeping my eye open for speed cameras) and put my foot down (just a little).

In Leicester, it's common to stop the car every, say, five minutes. At the traffic lights, behind approximately fifteen to twenty cars, my car came to a halt, on the right side was a restaurant and on the left side some houses (with really nice cars).

I was just having a look around when something unusual caught my eye; I saw a women pushing a pushchair in the most awkward manner. She seemed to be young and very able. When I did look at what she was doing, I realised that one of her arms was either short or maybe cut of. She was pushing the buggy with what seemed like her shoulders to the bus stop.

The light had gone green by now, and I made my way forward. But that little stop at the traffic light opened up my eyes and my heart to ponder...

... How rich am I? Can I complain? Have I ever stopped and wondered? Am I suffering?

At some time in life, maybe all of us have felt deprived, depressed, poor and neglected. Some of us complain, others use it as an excuse to do whatever we please in life. But have we truly had the time to stop, ponder and then be thankful?

If it was not for a traffic light, would I not have gone along with my usual day, thinking I was overworked, I deserved better, I need a nicer car, more money, etc?

Yet, when we look at the things Allah puts his other slaves through, it makes us realise that we are the richest people in the world. We may not have a car, but we have our feet. We may not have a bungalow, but we have a shelter over our heads. We may not be handsome or pretty, but we have a perfectly normal face. We may be busy, but we are able to be active. We may be sick, but we are alive.

Should we not be grateful for rich Allah has really made us? Would we sacrifice our hands, arms, legs, eyesight or our sense of hearing for even a million pounds? I know I wouldn't.

I thank Allah that He has made me gave me life without me asking, I thank Him that he made me a Believer without my asking. Now I pray to you Allah that make me steadfast upon your Deen and make me your beloved. O Allah, if you can give man such great bounties without him even having to raise his hands, then indeed you can accept the request of this servant who is begging from you your Mercy. Aameen.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Food For Thought.

This Sunday I thought I should spend a little time on the house; give it a coat of paint, pull out the brushes and scrub away the marks that were placed from the stains from everyday use.

I managed to sand paper one door (honestly, it was hard. It had six panes of glass) after which I could here my stomach talking to me. It was nearly four o clock and I hadn't eaten anything all day.

We had some visitors over so mum had made some samosas and Bhajias (don't ask the English for that, because I have no idea). Nevertheless, I had to wait until the visitors had finished so that I could have my fair share (I was starving by now).

Finally, it was about five thirty when I did get my hands on two samosas and one Bhajia, but I sure wasn't complaining; I was glad to get anything down my throat.

I put the samosa in my mouth, and "crunch"... I stopped, looked down in horror, and I realised it was, unbelievably, VEGETABLE samosa. Yes, the shock of the moment, images of the peas staring me in my face, and rumbling noise coming from the direction of my stomach.

I don't have anything against vegetable samosas as such, I just prefer meat ones. So, I thought, 'what difference does it make?' and continued pleasing my stomach with the samosa.

For all those that want to know, I made up for it all at dinner time.

As usual, there is a point... Not one, but two points... Isn't that the purpose of life, to live and learn?

Point 1 - Cleaning.

It's amazing, how we can see the dirt and stains on the doors, windows, cars and table but we fail to see what marks the daily filth leaves on our heart.

Just as the dirt on the table and chair are removed with tap water, so must the filth upon the heart be removed with water... But this water is the water of the eyes... Our tears.

Sincere repentance and will power to stay away from those things that gather filth upon our heart is essential. Just as how we cannot live in a house full of dirt and filth, how can we expect the Al-Mighty to be in a filthy heart?

Point 2 - Hunger and Appreciation.

Alhumdulillah, Allah has blessed us enough that we have enough food for the day. We do not even have to worry about the food for the week to follow let alone worry about the provision for the next meal time.

However, not everyone is fortunate as us; there are some people who do not even have half a meal a day. In fact, there are some people that die due to hunger and starvation.

These are our brothers and sisters, suffering and dying, while we are here over-eating and wasting food. The pain and suffering of hunger can only be known by that person who has been starving, maybe for even three or four days without any food.

Should we not be grateful towards our Creator who has made us fortunate enough to be living in such great conditions? Should we not show Him our obedience for what He has given us?

May Allah give us all the inclination to remember our brothers and sisters in our Du'aa and to realise the importance of the blessings showered upon us by Allah Ta'ala. May He give us the understanding not to waste what we have been given and the strength to follow His path so that we can keep our hearts clean enough so that non other than the love and Allah and His Prophet is contained within. Aameen.