Monday, September 26, 2005

Network Busy...

As time moves on technology becomes more advance. If we were to look ten years back we will see that many of the luxuries that we have today were not available to us ten years ago. The phone industry is one such industry that has been providing us with remarkable improvements in technology.

I can remember a time where to answer a call we had to stand in corner of the living room and we had no privacy because we were limited to "corded phones". As techonology improved we were able to carry the phone around in the house due to the new "cordless phones". It has now come to a stage where we can make a call from just about anywhere. We carry our own personal little phones in our pockets and have the facility to call whenever we want and wherever we want.

So, without a doubt, it's a thumbs-up to technology and in particular the mobile industry.

Despite this, there are times with every system where they suffer some sort of technical problems. One which everyone will be aware of is "Network Busy".

Our network connection is dependent on our mobile service provider. The larger the compnay, or the more coverage the company has, the greater possibility of our calls being connected.

Today I used a friends phone to make a call as I didn't have my mobile with me. The call was quite important and therefore I was disappointed when he returned to tell me that the only response he had was "network busy".


The most important and worthiwhile connection we can ever have or think of is the connection we have with Allah Ta'ala. It is this connection that tries to establish itself many a times in a day; yet, due to our ignorance we fail to see this happening and continue with our lifestyles without a connection.

Each time the Adhaan (call to prayer) is said it is a connection that Allah is calling us towards; a reminder from Allah saying that come towards me and establish that link. But how many times do we cut off that connection and pay no notice?

Each time our parents give us an order to do something it is an that tries to connect us with Allah; a reminder from Him telling us that we are expected to obey our parents and treat them with love and respect. Despite this, how many times have we been disobedient to our parents and put them second only to place our desires first?

How many times have we had that regret when our connection was lost? How many times did we feel remorse when we returned Allah's call with a reply of "network busy"?

May Allah give us the inclination of creating a link and connection with Him. And may He also give us the feeling of regret and the understanding to establish a connection with Him. Aameen.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Run-Down Vehicle

For the past two Fridays I have been travelling to Rugby town to lead the Jumu'ah prayers. It is about an hours drive from home and the roads are through the countryside and it is a beautiful drive.

This Friday, on my way back home, I was going through a town where I saw this really run-down, battered and abandoned van. My eyes took in as much as they could whilst the car was on the move, and from what I saw it was obvious that the car had been looked after well but it had just past its time and had been either abandoned or left parked without much use.

This got me wondering... We take so much care over our cars and vehicles and then at the end of the day we have to abandon them because it is of no use.

Sometimes, the care out does us and it is us that leaves the world before the car reaches a point of being rendered outworn.


In our lives we pay so much attention to our bodies, we wake up each morning and spend hours on adorning ourselves. The world goes to so much effort in order to create "anti-wrinkle" creams and similar creams. Though there is nothing wrong with 'looking' after one's body, have we ever thought about how much attention we pay to our souls?

The soul is the real gift and everlasting item whilst the body is just the container. The example is simple, the soul is like the perfume inside a bottle; not matter how beautiful the bottle is, the reality is what is inside the bottle.

The human body is just a case for this precious item within, it will one day corrode and have no purpose for Allah will give every soul a new body in the hereafter.

May Allah give us the inclination to pay more attention to our souls than to our temporary body. Aameen

Monday, September 12, 2005

Remember me and I will remember you.

Recently, there was a request to post something in regards to doing Dhikr of Allah. It got me thinking as to how the Dhikr of Allah is implemented in one’s life and how one gains benefit from it.

The verse that came to mind was:

"...Remember Me and I shall remember you..."
[Al-Baqarah - 02:152]

What can be more rewarding than the fact that Allah remembers us if we remember Him.

This blog is dedicated to me, my life and my experiences, how each thing we do in life is connected to His being and presence.


Those who remember Allah and those who do not, how do they defer? What are the differences in their lifestyles?

Let us start with a simple example; we see at the airport many people have baggage with them. We can easily split these people into two types; firstly, those who carry their baggage and then those who place them upon a trolley.

If both these people were carrying a heavy load of the same weight, we could easily say, despite of both of them having the same weight, that the person using the trolley will be at more ease than him who is carrying his bag. We could even go further to say that the person with the trolley is able to carry a greater with more ease than that person who is carrying his load.

This is the difference between a person who remembers Allah and a person who does not. When a person remembers Allah, then in return Allah also remembers him, and in due to this all the burdens of that person become easier and bearable.

The Dhikr of Allah means that Allah will be remembering that person and surely if Allah remembers us our daily life becomes much easier to bear despite the load being the same.

So, in simple terms, the remembrance of Allah aids us in living our lives; we find pleasure and sweetness in our worship; it keeps our hearts alive and it every time we remember Him we should keep in mind that He is also remembering us.

May Allah give us the inclination to remember Him continuously. Aameen.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A path...

Firstly I would like to thank Brother Adam for making such an effort to make me realise how important this blog was to all the readers. May Allah bless him and give him a high abode in Jannah.

In every aspect of life there is a lesson to learn. Many times, we make choices in life that affect more than just our lives, and it is those choices that we should make with great consideration.

Life is tiring and sometimes it becomes a burden. This burden can be felt in many of the activities that we do, whether they are totally connected to worldly gain or whether they are totally connected to our Deen and spiritual upbringing.

These are the repetitive activities that tires one out, and many a times makes the person leave the act which he was doing day after day.

This could be something that I went through in the last week...


Many a times we see people who are committed to their religion and their beliefs; they worship Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta'ala with commitment. But then, a time comes upon them, where they feel, for what ever reason it be, that they have to diverse from this path or that another path is better for them.

It is after the person leaves the path of Allah that he can feel the emptiness, the lack of spiritualism; it is then that he realises what he left and what he is missing out on. This feeling is something which one should welcome and make every effort to work upon this feeling, for very few people, despite having this feeling, are able to return to the path of Allah.

The reason is simple; Shaytaan makes the path that one treads on beautiful and so addictive that one is unable to return to the path of Allah. May Allah save us all from leaving His path, and if His will is that we should trip whilst being on His path, then I pray to Him that He always returns us to His path alone and to give us death in the state that He is happy with us. Aameen.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Adam - A Request

It feels awkward to writing on a blog that has always been an inspiration to me. I have always read these posts even during the times I was not so well. I read this blog so many times that I actually took it for granted.

One thing that I learnt from Maulana Zain is that we should never take anything to granted, not even the next breath we plan to take. Despite this teaching I couldn't help but hope that this blog would always be here as a guide in a manner which not many sites offer.

I've been making an effort to change the mind of Maulana Zain and I hope that the requests and comments from people do help. I would appreciate it if all the readers of this blog or any of his other blogs would comment and show him how much need we have for this blog. I don't know about everyone else, but I sure could do with the guidance I've received from this blog.

Jazakallah for your time.


Friday, September 02, 2005

The End... By Far

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Alhamdulillah, since the time I began blogging till today, I have learnt many things and my blogs have gone through many changes. It is the Mercy of Allah Ta'ala that He has chosen me from amongst many other people to carry out His words in many different ways; and although there are many people that carry out this act, it is always an honour to spread the religion of truth.

The internet is a very big place, I would class it as a world of its own. Those who are able to swim in this world can be fortunate enough to spread the truth in a way that has not been known to man, and those who are unable to swim in this world unfortunately drown.

Every thing has to come to an end, be it good or bad. This is the case for any creation for Allah, so much so that even death will have to die.

In short words, I believe the time has come to put an end to this blog. However, there have been many requests to keep it going and therefore I will give this blog away to brother Adam who is more skilled in the English language and able to produce better pieces of work.

I hope that He his words will aid each and every reader to continue along that path which I began to tread on. I hope that He is more able to lead the people to the destination that we all intend to reach.

It has been an honour to have many people through this blog, all gifted in their own ways. I hope that you will continue visiting and give the encouragement to brother Adam that you have been giving me.

Please remember me in your Duas and maybe I shall return (might be soon), but currently I have a few issues I have to go over... I have to find the true meaning of trust and friendship.

May Allah forgive us all and grant us honour of being from amongst those who will qualify for the intercession of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam. Aameen.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thunder and Lightening

Yesterday in Leicester, and maybe a few other places, it was thundering and lightning and rain was pouring down heavily (Masha Allah it was beautiful).

For most of the people, it was just another day with bad weather; for some people it may have been a good excuse to stay in and not have to go out, but for a very few people this thunder and lightening was actually a message.

Every time the weather goes bad and there is thunder and lightening, I believe that there is a lot of power present. It is as though you can feel it in the atmosphere.

To be honest, that sort of weather scares me and sometimes prevents me from sleeping. I wonder if it is a sign from Allah that He is upset. What if the thunder is His anger and the lightening is a warning, a punishment that could strike anytime? We see the lightening coming down from the sky and reaching towards us and we hear stories of those people who have been struck.


Has Allah not given mankind respite from His punishment? Has He not also said that He will give us respite till a limited time thereafter He will reel us in towards Him in such a quick action that we will be left dumbfounded.

Is it not time that we looked at the signs of Allah and turned towards Him? Is it not the Mercy of Allah that He gives us respite as well as warnings so that we may take heed before His wrath falls upon us?

May Allah protect us from His wrath and punishment. May He save us from being amongst those who earn His displeasure and anger, and instead, may He make us from those who return to Him by looking at His signs and therefore earn His love, mercy and bounties. Aameen.