Monday, April 18, 2005

Long Weekend

During the long weekend, I decided to make my way over to London so that the change of environment could be a form of relaxation.

I set off, leaving all the commotion and hassle of my "normal" life towards London where the change would relax me both physically and mentally.

The trip all in all was great fun, I spent a whole day travelling in the tube, busses and walking for hours on end, exploring the sites in London and examining the stores.

It was definitely a good change of atmosphere and something that I wouldn't mind looking forward to again.

What I really want to mention though is some of my thoughts before, during and after this short trip.


Before I set off to London, I really was really happy, cheerful and excited... Why? Because of the hard work that went into my life before my trip. I knew that I had enough money to get me there and allow me to enjoy myself while I was there.

Point: The point is, isn't that what life is about? To prepare for the hereafter? If we worship Allah in this world will we not get rewards (money) for the hereafter? Is it not our faithfulness towards Allah that will make us look forward to meeting Him?


During my trip to London I was calm and at peace. I knew that there was nothing that would cause me discomfort; I had packed my bags and was prepared.

Point: Have we packed our bags for our journey to the hereafter? Can we be at peace and say that we have prepared for our journey to come?

Another thing that I noticed during my trip was the different types of people. The tube, the busses, the streets and even the shop were like a market full of people on display. Each and every person doing their own things, living in a world of their own; people of all colour, background, styles and beliefs.

Point: Are we not lucky that out of thousands of people we were chosen to carry the message forward? Are we not lucky that we were the chosen to reside in Jannah by being given the gift of Imaan? Is it not our duty to save the others? Are we doing our part as Muslims?


In short... Back to the same old lifestyle. What was I expecting? But, I knew it was coming. A little tired and down, but that is the pattern of life.

Point: Our life here is limited and temporary just like my visit to London. This life may be dull and tiring with all the responsibilities, but it is through these responsibilities that we are able to enjoy the life to come (like I did my visit).

Point: No matter what lifestyle we choose, what ways we decide to take. At the end of the day, the reality is always there, the truth will always shine and the single path of Islam is where we shall all have to return.


Saturday is Football day. I woke up and got ready for the match that we were going to have. It had been time since I had lost a game, but I knew with the proposed teams this week it may well be my first defeat after such a long time.

To no surprise, I lost the game, and it was no close one either. Nevertheless, I never gave up hope, I kept on pushing forward, giving my team all the energy I had so that I could once again win. But it was not meant to be, on the final whistle I was well aware of my loss.

I came home, defeated, tired yet not broken. I came back stronger knowing where I went wrong and the things I would change for the next week.

Then I pondered (as usual). A simple game of football and I took it so serious. An hour of fun and play (and the needed exercise) and I was not willing to give up. So why, when it comes to the hereafter, when it comes to winning the love of Allah and His Prophet do we take defeat from Shaytaan so easily?

I thought of all the times when i would exercise no effort to fight the provocations of Shaytaan, all his efforts to deviate me and take me on the path of the losers.

I realised, that if i treated my life as a football pitch, in which the goal was to achieve the love of Allah and His Prophet, and if I exhausted all my efforts in winning this match I would achieve much more than I would from a mere football game.

May Allah give us all the inclination to make an effort to spend our effort in attaining His and His Prophet's love and and pleasure.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Something I Learnt...

Today, like every other day for the past month, was full of stress and confusion. My life, although apparently seeming very luxurious, is one chaotic process at the moment.

It's amazing how in life everything is based on the decisions you make, every step that you take has a consequence; some that we may not see, some that may not be immediate, but all have some sort of affect on our lives.

As I sat in my office chair, I pondered over the pass couple of days, everything I seemed to have done seemed to have no meaning, no purpose and no benefit. It seemed as though we do things and then ponder over them, only to find that the things we done were only limited to that moment, its use no more than the moment, but its effect could be of a lifetime.

From the many things I learnt today, I learnt that although the people in our lives come and go, they always leave a footprint in our hearts. It is the those footprints that sometimes show us the path we take in our life.

I pray that the people that leave a footprint in my heart are those that inspire me spiritually. And may Allah Ta'ala give me the inclination and ability to make those choices in life that will aid me in acquiring His pleasure.