Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where Are You?

I'm not sure how true this is for other readers, but I sometimes get this 'lonely' feeling or period where I feel that all the people that matter or that I care for or those who care for me are really 'busy', 'pre-occupied' or just 'disappeared'.

It's a funny feeling really, as I don't know if my 'loneliness' is sparked by those people not being around when I need them or whether my need for them is sparked when I feel lonely.

In all fairness, we tend to remember all the times a person was not there for us or things they didn't do for us as opposed to the contrary; the times when they stuck by us and where supportive, specially when we were in dire need of it.

Nevertheless, a spark of loneliness leaves me pondering where is everyone? Is the world just become 'faster' and 'busier' leaving the people within short of time and energy? Is the world becoming selfish and self-centred where the only things that matters to a person is himself? Or is it that people are becoming more attached to one another and to this materialistic world?

I can recall a phase in my life which was completely different to the current phase; a phase when everyone had time for one another; people met, talked and really socialised in a manner which was not Islamically wrong or breaking boundaries... And now I see that parents has selective time for their children and if that is the case of family then what needs to be said about friends and relatives.


It might seem like a 'mumbling' post and therefore I'm going to really just get to the point. At times we really make an effort to 'communicate' with friends; to ensure that we are around and that we keep in 'contact'. Yet time is such a powerful tool that it can separate people in many ways... We can remain friends yet be busy with our own lives; or we could be physically separated through relocating or even worse we could turn into enemies and not want to have any contact with one another.

In all this, there usually is an emotional feeling attached. We either feel hurt, lost or maybe even alone. And this should be the case considering the amount of effort we place in these relations and connections.

At the same time, I thought, what if we were to place the same effort and dedication in befriending Allah? What if a day wouldn't pass where we ensured that we had conversed with Allah; gave him a 'quick call' or a simple 'text message' just to let Him know we are thinking of Him and missing Him?

What if our separation from Him caused us pain and grief; made us feel lonely, lost and saddened?

What if we ensured that we met regularly with Him; heard Him and talked about Him?

If we placed that much of an effort in befriending Allah; trying to please Him then it is guaranteed that Allah would return this friendship at a much greater level.

He would never leave us and would be there in times of sorrow and grief. He would give us support in times of hardship and would never leave our side so that we would never feel lonely. If we called Him then He would surely answer and not miss a single of our calls. If we created love for Him then we would surely feel the desire to meet Him.

Yet we choose to console our hearts with the love and friendship of 'temporary' things; materialistic items and with people that will come and go...

The way I look at it... There is not better friend than Allah....

May Allah give us the guidance to befriend Him and may He accept this friendship and accept us as His Khaleel. Aameen.