Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Spy With My Little Eye

The title may be familiar to many and may also remind a few of us of our childhood days. Well, I wasn't playing 'I Spy...' recently neither was I able or planning to do so.

Recently, I went through laser surgery. A procedure that a friend of mine had already been through but assured me that it was safe and 'painless'.

Alhumdulillah, the procedure was a success and the recovery is also progressing well. However, it was one of the most frightening experiences I remember. The pain was minimal but the anticipation before the surgery was torturing just as the fear during was overwhelming.

After the treatment my eyes were stinging and burning for a couple of hours during which I was unable to open them or see anything. Water flowed from my eyes and the pain was severe for a couple of hours.

I can say I am pleased to have taken the surgery but I hoped that I was more prepared, more informed and more knowledgeable about the process. It would have definitely reduced my fear a little by knowing what I was going to expect and that I was mentally prepared for it. Physically, I had to ensure my eyes were well lubricated by putting lubricating gel regularly prior to the treatment.


Bringing the rambling to an end, I realised that there were many lessons to learn from this experience.

The obvious one being that the gift of sight is something that we never really appreciate in its completeness. We tend to concentrate on all the negative occurrences in our life but we fail to compare them to all the blessings.

I realised that all the apparent discomforts and hardships of life balanced against the gift of sight would make us realise that we really have something to be grateful for. Try it... Walk around the house for an hour with your eyes closed. Overlook all the bumps and dependency you have and just concentrate on the depressing feeling of nothing but darkness... Should we not be grateful for sight?

I also realised that it is essential to prepare and be ready for occasions such as a laser surgery. It gives us confidence that we made an effort and that it will allow us to be more aware of what will take place. Keeping this point in mind, I thought of the Hereafter, the great trials and tribulations that will take place; the Hell fire and the questioning in extreme conditions.

Should we not prepare ourselves mentally and physically for this? Should we not take heed of the constant reminders warnings from Allah? Should we not ensure that we are ready for the Hereafter by making provisions prior to the event and occurrence of this mighty event?

There is much to understand and much to say... But I feel that if we get this message then it is sufficient.

May Allah make us aware of all His bounties and mercies, even in times of distress. May He give us the ability to be grateful for all we have and the inclination to do good in return.

May we realise the magnitude of events that will unfold before the day of resurrection and those that will occur after it and whilst understanding these events may Allah give us the strength and inclination to prepare ourselves. Aameen


Idil said...

oh the gift of sight me having poor insight (-6.50) each eye...i know it sucks and my mom keeps telling me that laser eye surgery is the way to go instead of going to the doctor every 6 months for a glasses/contacts..

but i hear your awake during the procedure such as you can see everything..after hearing that i dont want to do it more.

Ruba said...

لا بأس طهور ان شاء الله
I really admired how you plan to reflect on things that happen in your life...
I guess there's so much chaoes in mine that I don't refect at all or even learn(I do the same mistake afterwards)
my question is,how did u develope such a skill?

Zain said...

السلام عليكم

Jazakallah for the comment. I don't believe reflecting on matters of life comes through 'planning' it is usually the constant rememberance of the true purpose of life in comparison to the teachings of our Beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم.

Once we realise that each incident and moment in this life is a lesson for us we can aim to make these lessons those that help us achieve success in the Hereafter.

Dua's Requested.

و السلام