Friday, November 28, 2008

Misplaced Belief

I'm pretty sure many people have experienced this 'misplaced belief' at some point or another. I'm not sure what the real terminology of this experience is and I'm not concerned about the 'nitty gritty' of the science related to this feeling. But I will try and explain what I mean by this term 'misplaced belief' and my recent incident.

Have you ever miscalculated a step when coming down or going up a staircase? Having 'believed' that there is a still a step remaining and when you put your foot down 'wham' it goes down quite fast and astonishes you...


Ever been handed over a bag or item which you 'believed' to be lighter than it actually is... when you take over that item you become overwhelmed by its weight, only because you miscalculated its reality.

Well, the same sort of incident occurred with me the other day when I was heading towards my car. I thought there was still some pavement left and found myself unbalanced by the step which placed me on the road. It isn't a major deal, right? Well it happens every now and then to many people and it's just due to miscalculation.

Exactly what I thought when the above incident took place... and then I thought a little more at how interesting these small matters actually are... our beliefs can be so strong that when they turn out to be wrong we are caught off guard and overcome by the truth.

Like I mentioned above, in normal circumstances, we are able to carry heavy items; but when we miscalculate an item to be lighter than it is we can become easily overwhelmed by a relatively light object.

This is a trivial matter, but the lessons that stem from it are very important


Whilst pondering over the above incident, a famous saying of our Nabi صلى الله عليه و سلم crossed my mind:

الكيس من دان نفسه، وعمل لما بعد الموت، والعاجز من أتبع نفسه هواها، وتمنى على الله

Wise is he who controls his desires and works towards that which is to occur after death; whilst a ignorant is he who follows that temptations of his desires and (regardless of that) keeps hope in (the mercy of) Allah.

For a person has misplaced belief in the mercy of Allah will, in the same manner of this world, be overwhelmed when reality will occur.

A person is required to make an effort in attaining the mercy of Allah and we have been clearly informed that our entering Jannah will be through the mercy of Allah alone and not through our actions and deeds.

The overwhelming in this world is an incident which lasts for a moment or so; but our misplaced belief in the mercy of Allah can overwhelm us in such a manner that it can drive us towards the fire of Hell.

May Allah save us all and give us the understanding of His mercy. May He save us from ignorance and give us strong belief in matters which are correct and not 'misplaced'. Aameen


Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum,

jazakallah for another brilliant post Moulana.


Zain said...

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Jazakallah for the comment. May Allah make the post a reminder for us so that we are able to achieve that which He has intended for us.Aameen.

Du'as requested.


Anonymous said...

Amazing mashallah! i really like it, thank you

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yousuf said...

jazakallah khair...