Thursday, November 23, 2006

Why am I not happy?

Through the journey of life, it is a natural occurrence that something will take place which will be contrary to our desire and wishes. It is at these times we will feel a great sense of unhappiness and displeasure.

We sometimes feel displeasure when our food isn’t ready on time; sometimes when we are late we feel unhappy in regards to this. Furthermore, our discontentment is mixed and contaminated with ingratitude and ungratefulness. We seem to let our annoyance become the reason behind our lack appreciation for everything else that has occurred and is continuing to occur in our life.

At times in life we feel a certain discomfort and frustration towards things that occur in life which we were hoping would emerge and develop in a totally different matter and at that point we tend to forget all the happiness, pleasures and bounties we have in the world and show our lack of appreciation and thanklessness based on that single occurrence.


In life we always tend to forget the favours of Allah during the time when we are displeased with an action of His or something that went against our own desires. In actual fact, we have moulded our heart in such a manner that it only receives pleasure when its wishes, desires and requests are fulfilled.
Yet we tend to ignore and disregard all the favours and bounties that have been given to us by that person, if it was through them we received annoyance; or the fact that there could be something superior to that which we have lost.

There is a saying:

'When something occurs and it is according to your wishes and desire, then that is a good thing… but when something takes place which is against your will and desire then it is even better. For that which is not in accordance with your desire is in accordance to the desire of the Lord'

In simple terms, when something takes place we should always relate its occurrence to Allah; by doing so we will never be displeased, as a believer’s true pleasure is in the pleasure of Allah.

Thus, by doing so, there will not be a circumstance within which a person will not become ungrateful and unappreciative; instead he will ensure that he thanks Allah for all those times where his wishes have been met and accepted despite being only His slave.

May Allah give us all the realisation of His presence and His will and command. May He give us the strength to accept that which He has chosen to occur and understanding to realise that all good lies in His hands and in His power. May He give us wisdom (Hikmah) in that which we know, and a zeal and thirst for knowledge for those matters which we have no knowledge of. Aameen.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Slow Puncture

Recently, I've been having a little problem with the front driver side tyre. I woke up one morning to find that there was less air in the tyre and became frantic to pump it up at the petrol station before it reached a stage where I couldn't drive the car.

Off I drove to the nearest petrol station to fill in the air. I know this is totally wrong, but I decided to fill the air in the tyre to 42psi instead of the normal 35psi. My thinking was that it'll last a little longer and I'll have the extra time to get the tyre repaired.

I was correct about the tyre lasting for another day or so, but I was still unable to find some time to get the tyre repaired.

In the back of my mind I always had this concern that I might park the car somewhere and find it to have less air in the tyre, forcing me once again to visit the petrol station.

This procedure continued for a fair few days and I was a regular visitor at my local petrol station just to fill the air in the tyre.


The lesson we learn from here is simple and always mentioned by the scholars. It is the lesson of the water and bucket. No matter how much we fill the bucket we will eventually find it empty, sooner than later, if there is a hole within that bucket.

This is the same principle with our actions; no matter how much we strive (even if we 'over-do' acts of worship) we will find that we will be left with nothing if we fail to stop sinning and leaking out the acts of worship we have done.

It is always essential to repair the leak when it occurs instead of avoiding and ignoring it. Once the leak is repaired even a few acts of worships will ensure that our hearts are filled with Noor (diving light).

May Allah give us all the inclination, ability, strength and understanding to repair the holes that we have created in our hearts. May He give us the wisdom to stop sinning whilst worshiping. Aameen.