Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tube Lights

Having recently moved to a new home, I'm still in the process of 'exploring' the house and I usually find many things that require maintenance or updating. However, that doesn't mean everything in there is in need of a change, but sometimes it can lack that personal touch which transforms a house into a home.
Saying that, many things are fine but over the weeks or months they require replacing as they've come to the end of their life cycle.

Anyways, I noticed, especially in the winter, that many of the lights at the exterior of the house were not working. I thought I'd get these done a little later as some of them needed a ladder and changing.

Whilst I was delaying these another tube light started giving up on me. I went down when evening into the kitchen and 'flicked' the switch on hoping to be showered with some light. To my disappointment, the light came on for  second and then went off, it then came on again and went off... This cycle of coming on and going off never ended until I had to give in and switch the light off again.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Collaborating Sites

Over time, I have begun to struggle in updating my blogs due to time constraints and becoming occupied with other commitments.

I also have a number of blogs which takes up a considerable amount of time to update on a regular basis.

I have therefore, with the advice of some friends, readers and fellow bloggers reverted back to my wordpress blog,

I am consolidating all my blogs and publishing my posts at one central site. This will allow me to focus my attention at one site and therefore enable to post regularly.

However, at the same time, I will maintain the theme of my current blogs which were kept separate for this very reason.

In I was concentrating on life experiences and lessons learnt from them as well as the thoughts that run through my mind and remind me of my Creator.

In I introduced a range of educational Islamic material that people could refer to and benefit from.

And finally, was a collection of teachings and experiences from my days of studying at Darul Uloom (Islamic Institution) as well as the lessons I learnt I also include the words of wisdoms from my respected teachers and their biographies.

Also included on the wordpress site will be my collections from my site. This will include event notifications, book reviews, biographies, poetry and various other topics.

All in all, I pray that this is a positive step forward in the collaboration of the various different themes I have mentioned and that it proves to benefit me and its readers.

If you are receiving subscriptions from this site, please add a new subscription to for all future posts.

All posts, old and new, that would have originally been posted on this blog will now be available at the wordpress site under the category of "Lessons from Life"

Monday, August 08, 2011

Buy One Get One 'Free'

The term 'buy one get one free' is not alien to any individual. In fact, it is a term which our eyes search for in supermarket shelves, shop windows and within other shopping mediums.

We always make an effort to save a 'penny' or two as they tend to add up. Taking the current economical climate into mind it is not just a habit but now a necessity to ensure any money spent is justified and well spent.

Well, an incident which occurred a couple of days back reminded of this 'buy one get one free' term. My friend was standing, frustrated, in front of a vending machine as his £1 coin was rejected one after another. So I swapped a £1 which I had and, as usual, it 'did the job'... out came the drink...

Hold on... out came TWO drinks.

It's not uncommon for this vending machine to make this sort of an error as highlighted by previous users. Now my friend already had paid for his drink and gave me the other drink which was 'buy one get one free'. What else could he have done with an extra drink.

I took the drink; both of us grinning at the bargain we had got, £0.75 for a drink is a fair price as compared to the extreme price of £1.50. Being happy with the price he paid we both left.

On my way, whilst having this drink I was questioning myself of whether this drink was okay for me to take and this returned my thoughts to three episodes:

1. Once a disciple of Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi رحمه الله came to visit him with his son. He travelled from his home to meet the Shaikh through the means of a train.

Whilst convercing with the Shaikh the disciple stated his 'cleverness' of getting a half price ticket for his son who was of age yet was short enough to look as a minor.

Upon hearing this the Shaikh was furious and informed the disciple of his lack of understanding for even the basics of the religion.

2. An incident which I came accross in a few forums where a Imam was taking a bus from him home into the town centre. The bus driver gave him £0.20 extra to which the Imam was having thoughts of keeping or giving it back. He felt that it was a minor amount but regardless he decided that it should be returned.

The bus driver was aware that the Imam had been given an extra amount but was doing this to test the Imam for the sole reason that the bus driver was thinking of studying Islam.

This made the Imam think and realise that he could have 'sold' Islam for the mere sum of £0.20

3. The final incident is of a person who was once travelling by river and saw an apple floating. He took the apple and ate it only to realise afterwards that he had taken something without prior permission. He went out of his way to search for this person in order to recompense him for the apple he had taken.

Once he found the owner he agreed to marry his 'dumb', 'deaf' and 'blind' daughter as a price for that apple. In reality the daughter was regarded the above for her purity as she would hear, see and speak no evil.

Once the person married the owner's daughter he found that she was neither deaf, dumb or blind. On enquiring about this, he was told that she had never used her ears, tongue or eyes for any unlawful activity.

Having thought of this, I ensured that we contacted the venders and informed them of this, who of course found it a little strange. Nevertheless, it was a common thing with the machines and was accounted for. Therefore, we were told not to worry about it.


A few quick points to not lengthen the long post any further:

1. As we look for 'BOGOF' offers in this world, we should also take full benefits of these offers when Allah سبحانه و تعالى opens His 'shop' of mercy. These are times such as Ramadhan and regularly at Tahajjud time and on Laylat-ul-Bara'ah and Laylat-ul-Qadr.

2. We are quick to read labels of food items to see their contents and check to animal ingredients. However, we should pay more attention to neglected matters such as the manner in which we have acquired this food item. Have we caused someone difficulty to obtain this? Have we earned the money through a Halal medium? Have the shopkeeper charged us less by mistake or given us back more change?

3. We should never underestimate the effect of our actions on others. We can never be sure who is looking and judging us, and more importantly our religion, through our actions. We may not be informed of the consequences of our actions, but we can be rest assured that each of our actions are judged by people and opinions are made in regards to us and our religion. Ultimately, Allah is and will judge us in accordance to our actions and efforts.

May we all be given the strength to keep a constant watch over our actions. Aameen.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Step Forward... Two Steps Back?

During this period of the 'credit crunch' many individuals as well as multi-national companies are feeling the bite of the economic status.

Each and everybody is trying to ensure that they continue to 'plod along' and survive during this 'crisis' within which many jobs are at risk and many financial difficulties are being faced.

It is a time when we can raise our hands and submit to the fact that what we always want, hope for or plan doesn't occur and at times what we do not plan for can come as a total surprise and shock to us.

Something of the same nature occurred with me this week. Our plan which was structured over several months was at its final stages and we were just moving one step ahead when we suddenly had a major setback that made us feel we took one step forward and two steps back.


Usually, during times of crisis and difficulty, our attitude is such that any progress which becomes void due to some drawback is seen as a loss and deficit. It is seen as 'one step forward and two steps back' or as 'the glass is half empty'.

It is seldom that an individual thanks Allah after looking at the situation and saying that Allah helped the individual by cutting the losses short and preparing them prior to the setback.

The loss has been cut by Allah to being one step back instead of two steps or by only half the glass being empty and not the entire glass.

In business or any worldly matter, we try our level best to ensure that this loss is covered and that we recover from it as soon as possible. In actual fact, our spiritual life should be the same where any drawback we face should be taken seriously and that we should ensure recovery from the drawback immediately (through repentance and execution of good deeds).

I would find it hard to conceive that any individual would strategically plan to make a loss in business. In the same way, it should be inconceivable that a person would plan to commit sin and set himself back spiritually.

We've all heard of the psychology regarding the attitude of how we see things, 'the glass is half empty' is just as true as 'the glass is half full'.

It is amazing at the times of drawbacks we always look at the glass as being half empty and how that causes some form of deficit in our lives.

Friday, May 01, 2009


It has been some time before my previous entry and even blogging at this time seems to be something which has required me to ensure I have set aside a few moments from my revision.

It is for many people a 'stressful' and challeging period of time: EXAMINATIONS.

My definition of examinations would be, although it'd be nice to really check what it meant in the dictionary:

The time in your life where you are tested on your effort and work for the past year to see if what you accomplished and acquired was of any use and benefit to you or not.

I think that's a fair enough definition for what many people will be experiencing in these current months.

I actually have an examination in the morning, which might be evident from my rambling; but during my 'well deserved' break I felt so exhausted and was wondering if all this effort would be paid off, whilst hoping that I did achieve good grades.

My chain of thoughts took me to the obvious lesson everyone should be constantly aware of, but funnily forget during these 'stressful' and 'demanding times'


Our attitudes and forward thinking is usually restricted to the foreseeable benefits returns of this world whilst overlooking the fact that this world is, many a times, a reminder for the matters that will take place in the Hereafter.

It is vital to strive and make an effort in this world and excel in it as much as possible but whilst remembering that the true reward and returns are those which will be received in the Hereafter and that all our efforts here should have some connection with our intention to succeed in the Hereafter.

We spend so much effort and time in the preparation of worldly examinations which are marked by simply human beings who are prone to errors themselves.

Whilst some spend sleepless nights in preparation for an examination to ensure good results others spend sleepless nights due to examination nerves and stress. Such is the scenario of an exam which can also be re-taken.

What if we were to glance towards our preparation for the Hereafter? How many nights have we spent without sleeping whilst hoping for success?

Which night have we stayed awake to seek Allah's forgiveness for the day's sins?

Is it due to the fact that we don't have an examination date set? Or are we confident our actions and character will ensure us of an easy pass on the day when there will be option to re-take; when the stakes will be much higher than the loss of a first class honours degree or a six digit salary.

Our academic studies set for us an examination date and we are prepared to work and study endlessly but when Allah tells us to prepare for our examination in our every action we become heedless and carefree.

When we are informed that our examination could come at any moment of the day, so much so that we could be asleep and Allah calls us unto Him for this examination, we become complacent and fall into deep slumber.

This does not in any way, shape or form mean that we stop revising and making an effort for the examinations of this world... More so it means that we should made every effort to be successful in this world and make a greater effort to ensure that we're preparing for the 'real' examination and that we do 'suffer' from sleepless nights in preparation for this...

It may be that the tears that flow during our sleepless nights for the preparation for the Hereafter prove to be the the water the extinguishes that anger of Allah which comes in the form of the fire of Hell.

I still recall the one line Arabic saying our Ustad (respected teachers) used to write on our examination papers:

عند الامتحان يكرم الرجل أو يهان

It is at the time of an examination that an individual is honoured or disgraced

May Allah save us from disgrace from both this world and the Hereafter and give us the inclination to remember the true examinations even in times of stress and revision. Aameen.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Misplaced Belief

I'm pretty sure many people have experienced this 'misplaced belief' at some point or another. I'm not sure what the real terminology of this experience is and I'm not concerned about the 'nitty gritty' of the science related to this feeling. But I will try and explain what I mean by this term 'misplaced belief' and my recent incident.

Have you ever miscalculated a step when coming down or going up a staircase? Having 'believed' that there is a still a step remaining and when you put your foot down 'wham' it goes down quite fast and astonishes you...


Ever been handed over a bag or item which you 'believed' to be lighter than it actually is... when you take over that item you become overwhelmed by its weight, only because you miscalculated its reality.

Well, the same sort of incident occurred with me the other day when I was heading towards my car. I thought there was still some pavement left and found myself unbalanced by the step which placed me on the road. It isn't a major deal, right? Well it happens every now and then to many people and it's just due to miscalculation.

Exactly what I thought when the above incident took place... and then I thought a little more at how interesting these small matters actually are... our beliefs can be so strong that when they turn out to be wrong we are caught off guard and overcome by the truth.

Like I mentioned above, in normal circumstances, we are able to carry heavy items; but when we miscalculate an item to be lighter than it is we can become easily overwhelmed by a relatively light object.

This is a trivial matter, but the lessons that stem from it are very important


Whilst pondering over the above incident, a famous saying of our Nabi صلى الله عليه و سلم crossed my mind:

الكيس من دان نفسه، وعمل لما بعد الموت، والعاجز من أتبع نفسه هواها، وتمنى على الله

Wise is he who controls his desires and works towards that which is to occur after death; whilst a ignorant is he who follows that temptations of his desires and (regardless of that) keeps hope in (the mercy of) Allah.

For a person has misplaced belief in the mercy of Allah will, in the same manner of this world, be overwhelmed when reality will occur.

A person is required to make an effort in attaining the mercy of Allah and we have been clearly informed that our entering Jannah will be through the mercy of Allah alone and not through our actions and deeds.

The overwhelming in this world is an incident which lasts for a moment or so; but our misplaced belief in the mercy of Allah can overwhelm us in such a manner that it can drive us towards the fire of Hell.

May Allah save us all and give us the understanding of His mercy. May He save us from ignorance and give us strong belief in matters which are correct and not 'misplaced'. Aameen

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where Are You?

I'm not sure how true this is for other readers, but I sometimes get this 'lonely' feeling or period where I feel that all the people that matter or that I care for or those who care for me are really 'busy', 'pre-occupied' or just 'disappeared'.

It's a funny feeling really, as I don't know if my 'loneliness' is sparked by those people not being around when I need them or whether my need for them is sparked when I feel lonely.

In all fairness, we tend to remember all the times a person was not there for us or things they didn't do for us as opposed to the contrary; the times when they stuck by us and where supportive, specially when we were in dire need of it.

Nevertheless, a spark of loneliness leaves me pondering where is everyone? Is the world just become 'faster' and 'busier' leaving the people within short of time and energy? Is the world becoming selfish and self-centred where the only things that matters to a person is himself? Or is it that people are becoming more attached to one another and to this materialistic world?

I can recall a phase in my life which was completely different to the current phase; a phase when everyone had time for one another; people met, talked and really socialised in a manner which was not Islamically wrong or breaking boundaries... And now I see that parents has selective time for their children and if that is the case of family then what needs to be said about friends and relatives.


It might seem like a 'mumbling' post and therefore I'm going to really just get to the point. At times we really make an effort to 'communicate' with friends; to ensure that we are around and that we keep in 'contact'. Yet time is such a powerful tool that it can separate people in many ways... We can remain friends yet be busy with our own lives; or we could be physically separated through relocating or even worse we could turn into enemies and not want to have any contact with one another.

In all this, there usually is an emotional feeling attached. We either feel hurt, lost or maybe even alone. And this should be the case considering the amount of effort we place in these relations and connections.

At the same time, I thought, what if we were to place the same effort and dedication in befriending Allah? What if a day wouldn't pass where we ensured that we had conversed with Allah; gave him a 'quick call' or a simple 'text message' just to let Him know we are thinking of Him and missing Him?

What if our separation from Him caused us pain and grief; made us feel lonely, lost and saddened?

What if we ensured that we met regularly with Him; heard Him and talked about Him?

If we placed that much of an effort in befriending Allah; trying to please Him then it is guaranteed that Allah would return this friendship at a much greater level.

He would never leave us and would be there in times of sorrow and grief. He would give us support in times of hardship and would never leave our side so that we would never feel lonely. If we called Him then He would surely answer and not miss a single of our calls. If we created love for Him then we would surely feel the desire to meet Him.

Yet we choose to console our hearts with the love and friendship of 'temporary' things; materialistic items and with people that will come and go...

The way I look at it... There is not better friend than Allah....

May Allah give us the guidance to befriend Him and may He accept this friendship and accept us as His Khaleel. Aameen.