Monday, June 23, 2008

Battery Low

The exam periods have now come to an end, with most students awaiting their results and grades to continue into the next year of university or to confirm their offers from universities and colleges.

Seeing as I use my car more often than I used to whilst being at university, I noticed that despite changing my battery a few months back I still have the feeling that this battery is 'whining' and is not powering up as it should, especially for a battery which is six months old.

Six months ago my battery had given up all the power it had, although I noticed I could still recharge it with the small amount of power it had left. Therefore, I decided to charge the battery and drive over and get one that is 'life guaranteed' to ensure I don't have any problems in the future... but luck has it that my battery needs another replacement in just six months and I will have to take it back and get it changed for a new one.


An episode of a battery; not the most exciting of posts and neither the most interesting of stories. But despite that this incident is one that occurred every time I would start the car; the whining for ten seconds followed by the roar of the engine always made me think of my battery and the fact that I needed to get it changed.

The battery powers up the motor (car) and makes the gadgets within the car work; the life and soul of the car.

In the same manner, I felt that our hearts have the same characteristics; it powers up the soul and the spiritual existence within us. The heart goes through phases which can be compared to the dying battery as well as to that of the powered battery.

At times our spiritual battery comes to a low and requires boosting through jump leads; this can be achieved, at times, through the short bursts of energy gained from the talks and gatherings that take place either on a regular basis on special talks which occur every once in a while.

At other times, the batter will not suffice through jump starting from another battery, instead it requires to be charged by a battery charger over a period of time and this is the same as seeking a spiritual guide (Shaykh) and asking the Shaykh to charge one's heart with spiritualism over a longer period to ensure that there is enough power to take a person through the hurdles, tests and trials of this world.

Alhumdulillah, the heart of a Muslim has enough power to never die out and be replaced; the spark of Imaan remains in the heart of every Muslim and just requires the power of the Shaykh, 'Ulamaa and the company of the pious to turn the spark and into a flame.

We, as Muslims, have an option of continuosly jump starting our batteries by attending the talks of the Shuyookh as well as to remain in their company and charge our batteries completely. If we fail to do this then we may just find ourselves stranded one day without an indication as to where we are and how we will get out of the place we have got into...

No battery, no power, no jump leads and no one to help us... In this world we may think that will never happen and there is always a solution - but - in the Hereafter it will surely occur... No battery, no power, no jump leads and we will not be able to 'drive' to Jannah but instead we will be driven towards Jahannam:

وَسِيقَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا إِلَى جَهَنَّمَ زُمَرًا

"And those who disbelieved will be driven to Hell In groups"

[Surah Zumur - 39:71]

May Allah سبحانه و تعالى save us all from the dying heart and keep our hearts alive with His remembrance. Our Nabi صلى الله عليه و سلم has stated:

مَثَلُ الَّذِيْ يَذْكُرُ رَبَّهُ وَالَّذِيْ لاَ يَذْكُرُهُ مَثَلُ الحَيِّ وَالمَيِّتِ

"The example of one who remembers his Lord and the example of one who does not remember Him is that of a living person and a dead person (respectively)."

May Allah سبحانه و تعالى give us all the inclination to glance towards the states of our hearts and hear its whining and cries. May He give us the strength and courage to reform and empower our hearts through His love. Aameen.