Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not Far to Go

I was looking across some Islamic sites when I decided to visit the site for the local Masjid to confirm that the time for Taraweeh had not changed to an earlier time.

To my surprise I found that the website, being well updated, had the following image on its front page:

I am not sure what people’s attention will turn towards looking at the above image, but my attention went directly to “17 days left until Eid ul Fitr”. In fact, I simply couldn’t believe it and had to refer back to the time table to ensure that this was not some error.

I seems like only yesterday when I was thinking 6 days of Ramadham have passed and therefore we have a great number of days remaining.


Not to go on for too long, as time is short already, but if the point isn’t clear from the above then no matter what I write hear, there will be no benefit.

The days of Ramadhan are slipping away from our grip in a manner that sand slips away from one’s grasp; no matter how hard we try to hold on, these blessed days are going to leave us much sooner than we can imagine and before we can even realise.

This is the mid-point of Ramadhan; where the days of mercy have ended and the days of forgiveness are heading the same way.

We need to question ourselves, have we been those fortunate people who have been accepted by the mercy of Allah; did we reap the blessings of the first portion of this month when Allah was showering His blessing upon those who stood before Him at night, in prayer, and whilst raising their hands seeking nothing but Him?

The portion we have now is to ensure that through the mercy we obtained during the first portion of Ramadhan is utilised in a manner where we increase our worship and submission to Allah and increase our supplications to Him; through which we should ask for His forgiveness and for Him to grant us paradise and save us from the Fire of Hell.

May Allah make us all realise the true blessings this month holds and thereafter may He give us the strength and inclination to reap the rewards within so that we are not deprived from His mercy, His forgiveness and neither are we punished by the Hell Fire whilst being retained from entering Jannah. Aameen.

Speacial Dua’s are requested in this blessed month.


Omar said...

Time is too short. A day, a week even a year goes by too fast. Only by doing noble things and by making our time here, worthy - can a human being claim to have had a useful life.

Zain said...

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Jazakallah Brother Omar for you contribution and comment. Indeed time is of the essence. It is one of those things that man will regret even after entering Jannah; the time he did not remember Allah and was void of His remembrance and praise.

"By Time! Indeed man is in a state of continuous and perpetual loss. Except for those who have brought Imaan and do good deeds and enjoin Good and Patience."