Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To-Do Notes

The joys of a simple, non advanced note system can usually result to lots of pieces of papers lying scattered along my work desk. Therefore, it was necessary for me to go through these notes that usually indicate what needs to be done and remembered in the daily duties of my life and select those which have been completed or are of no use.

I was amazed to see the contents of my pocket and desk indicating to me what I had gathered and collected over the week; half of which was of no use anyway.

So, there I sat, at my table, emptying the contents of my pocket that contained my notes and sieved through all the paper I had.

I came across many things that had a use at one time but were not needed now; such as old receipts and instructions. I also had gathered notes which I though I would use but never had the chance or didn’t really need to use at the end of the day. All in all, I managed to reduce the papers to a small amount allowing me to flick through the small pile of paper and giving me instructions and information that was current and relevant.

The paper that did suffer the torture of being torn into tiny pieces were also of many type; from quality business cards and paper to recycled paper; each material showing off its quality and character in a different manner.


Amazing how talking about small notes and papers can also contain a message reminding us of Allah and as to how fascinating His creating is. There is nothing that has been created by Him but that it contains His remembrance and indication towards His existence.

I noticed that at times, without realising, we tend to pick up things that are of no use to us and only when we come to clearing them out do we realise that they hold no value. It is in the same manner, that at times, in life, we tend to pick up habits and characters that hold no value, in actual fact they decrease the value of the individual. If we take out a moment and sieve through all the habits we accumulate and all the actions we commit, we will realise there are a very few of these are of any real benefit to us in either of the worlds.

Similarly, at times, we think that some matters are important and of use to us; but in reality these matters will not help us in this world or the hereafter; they will only use up or time, concentration and effort that we should place for the rewards of the hereafter.

Finally, I realised that when I tried to tear apart some of the cards they had a special film to make them strong and more feasible for everyday use, whilst others would be tear without even intending to do so. It is the same in life that we can protect our heart with such a film that it will protect us from tearing and breaking that heart or we can make it vulnerable that it will tear apart at the sight of even a desire-less sin. We need to cover our heart with the film of ‘love for Allah and His Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم’ a film that will save us from being torn by sins because we care for the pleasure of our Lord and fear His displeasure.

May Allah make us strong, protect us and give us the ability to choose and pick that which is beneficial to us. May He give us the understanding and inclination to create a protecting film over our heart that will save us from the desires of sins. Aameen.


forgotten friend said...

Amazing post...jazakallah

Ahmed said...

Jazakallah for another enlightening post and the valuable lessons to be drawn from it.

Duah ma yhad

SoNg In WiNd said...

wonderful post..MashaAllah

SoNg In WiNd said...

just wonderful brother..MashaAllah

Zain said...

As Salaamu Alaykum,

forgotten friend

Jazakallah for the comment.

brother Ahmed

Jazakallah for the words of encouragement. Will see you around Insha Allah.

Song in the Wind

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