Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Ever pricked your finger? Or maybe tripped over a stone? It's painful isn't it? How about being cut with a knife or beaten with a stick? Haven't we all felt these pains in one way or another?

Let us look at some other pains... Ever lost a loved one? Sworn at by a total stranger? Discriminated? Or been left out?

These are pains that vary, some physical, some mental. But either way they cause great pain.

Today I decided to 'advice' someone and maybe guide them in the right direction. The intention as always was the pleasure of Allah. However, it was quite painful when that person responded in a negative manner, something I didn't expect and was totally hurt.

This post is written for a few reasons...

1. To apologise to that person for causing them pain and hurt, which was totally unintentional.

2. As usual, derive a beneficial lesson from this.


1. In life we do many things to please people. At times we even go out of our ways to assist them or cause them ease. At times we expect something in return and at other times we do it totally for the sake of Allah.

However, we should keep a few things in mind when helping people.

a. When a person aids another, Allah remains in his aid.

و الله في عون العبد ما كان العبد في عون أخيه

"And Allah remains in the aid of a servant as long as that servant remains in the aid of his brother"

[Sunan Muslim]

b. Removing a difficulty from someone in this world will mean that Allah will remove a difficulty of ours in the Hereafter.

من نفس ان مؤمن كربة من كرب الدنيا نفس الله عنه كربة من كرب يوم القيامة

"And whosoever relieves from a believer some grief pertaining to this world, Allah will relieve from him some grief pertaining to the Hereafter."

[Sunan Muslim]

c. A believer is rewarded for even a thorn that pricks him.

‏ما من مصيبة تصيب المسلم إلا كفر الله بها عنه حتى الشوكة يشاكها

"A Muslim is not afflicted by hardship but Allah expiates his sins from Him, due to that hardship, to the extent of even a thorn that pricks him"

[Saheeh al-Bukahri]

d. Allah is the one who rewards.

إن أجري الا علي الله و هو علي كل سيء شهيد

"My reward is from Allah only. And He is a Witness over all things."

[Surah Saba – 34:47]

2. When we are hurt we feel pain, we feel remorse and depression at times. We feel unappreciated and ungratified.

Have we ever turned a thought towards why we feel like that? It is solely because we done someone a favour and never got anything from them. If that wasn't bad enough, we actually went the opposite way and done them harm or went against their will and hurt them.

This is the feeling we get when one of our favours are unappreciated. Yet we fail to appreciate Allah for His countless favours and gifts. In fact, the more He gives us, the more we retaliate, the more we hurt Him and the more we turn away.

We're never reluctant to take a blade and cut off the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم despite his sleepless nights for us; disregarding his tears that soaked his beard in our concern.

If we feel pain and remorse... How will Allah the Creator of all feel? How will the Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم feel?

Are we justified in our actions?

3. When we do something we should always expect its reward from Allah and none other. The Prophet of Allah صلي الله عليه و سلم has said: "indeed even the slightest of show is Shirk" and it is mentioned that we will be asked to collect our rewards from the people who we done the deed for.

May Allah save us all and give us the inclination to do acts for His sake only. May He give us the strength to bear the torments from people and make it bearable by reminding us that the true reward is from Allah alone. Aameen


Saj said...

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

Aameen to the Dua's in post.

Jazak'Allah Khair for sharing this post... Many important reminders and points have been made...

May Allah make us of those who are grateful for the endless gifts, favours, blessing and mercy we are bestowed with, Aameen...

Jazak'Allah Khair once again for this beneficial post...

Wasalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

comicsans said...

Ameen and jazakh Allah khair. I dont comment on your every post but i do wait for updates. The posts on this blog are really touching

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

First of all Ameen.

Second of all.... :( It's so tru, how do we think Allah Ta'ala and Nabi (SAW) feel? We think of our own feelings only when we are hurt, we trun to our friends and family to comfort us... but... Nabi (SAW), the blessed Nabi, the one who bled from head to toe...

Allah forgive us all. Ameen.

Thank you Allah for all you have given me, for blessing this earth with Muhammad (SAW). Please ya Allah, send peace and blessings upon the best man to have walked on this earth.

I pray that Allah grants you shifa e kaamilah, that He accepts ur efforts of spreading the deen, that He continues to send His blessings upon you and happiness upon you and your family. Ameen.

Please remember me in ur duas Molana.


Zain said...

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Sister Sajeda

Jazakallah for the comments and Aameen to the Du'as.

It is always good to see your comments. Please do continue to remember me in your Du'as.

Comic Sans

Jazakallah for the comments. It's been a while since I last saw you comment. Jazakallah once again for leaving a comment.

I'm pleased to know that you find the posts beneficial, and I hope that Allah continues to take work from me for His Deen.

Please do continue to remember me in your Du'as and if there are suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know.

Sister xMuslimahx

Jazakallah for the comments and Aameen to the Du'as. It is so true that at times we tend to forget the reality of the pain we cause to our Beloved Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم and at times we the harm we cause to our Religion due to our ways. May Allah give us all the true understanding, knowledge and strength to walk on the path that we are all well aware of. Aameen.

Please do continue to remember me in your Du'as and Insha Allah I shall also remember you in mine.


Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

Ameen to the duas.

Insha'Allah you will never be forgotten in my duas.

Please pray that this year goes easy for me and that Allah grants me better memory, only a few weeks left till the end of my studying years.



Zain said...

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Insha Allah will keep you in my Duas and pray that the final, and probably the most best days, of your study go well and you are successful.


Ahmed said...

Ameen to the duahs
Pls remember me in your duahs.

aysha said...

Ameen to the duas.
Please remember me in your special duas.


Brother ajnabi said...

Assalamualykum.nice post,mashaAllah.nowadays people do stuff just to show others,its not done for the sake of that person talking to you now?man i know how that feels.well best you can do is make dua for them.Assalamualykum.

Zain said...

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Jazakallah for the comments. Indeed what you have said is completely true, it is therefore vital to keep this Hadeeth in mind,

"even the slightest of show is Shirk"

May Allah save us all from both minor and major Shirk. Aameen.

The connection between two Muslims is immense. It should take much more than an arguement or disagreement to divide two Muslims. It is for this reason we have been told that 'one who loves for the sake of Allah and hates for the sake of Allah has comepleted his Imaan (faith)'. For we love one another for His sake alone and we put aside our differences for His pleasure.

May Allah Ta'ala give us all the inclination to love and hate for His sake alone and may He give us the courage to be the first in putting forward the hand of friendship for His sake. Aameen.

Please do remember me in your Duas.