Friday, September 02, 2005

The End... By Far

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Alhamdulillah, since the time I began blogging till today, I have learnt many things and my blogs have gone through many changes. It is the Mercy of Allah Ta'ala that He has chosen me from amongst many other people to carry out His words in many different ways; and although there are many people that carry out this act, it is always an honour to spread the religion of truth.

The internet is a very big place, I would class it as a world of its own. Those who are able to swim in this world can be fortunate enough to spread the truth in a way that has not been known to man, and those who are unable to swim in this world unfortunately drown.

Every thing has to come to an end, be it good or bad. This is the case for any creation for Allah, so much so that even death will have to die.

In short words, I believe the time has come to put an end to this blog. However, there have been many requests to keep it going and therefore I will give this blog away to brother Adam who is more skilled in the English language and able to produce better pieces of work.

I hope that He his words will aid each and every reader to continue along that path which I began to tread on. I hope that He is more able to lead the people to the destination that we all intend to reach.

It has been an honour to have many people through this blog, all gifted in their own ways. I hope that you will continue visiting and give the encouragement to brother Adam that you have been giving me.

Please remember me in your Duas and maybe I shall return (might be soon), but currently I have a few issues I have to go over... I have to find the true meaning of trust and friendship.

May Allah forgive us all and grant us honour of being from amongst those who will qualify for the intercession of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam. Aameen.


Anonymous said...


It isn't very often that I leave comments on people's blog's..however I think the time has come that I leave a message. I have recently discovered ur blogs, and I have found it very useful. I really enjoy reading them and always wait for the next one to come out. Trust me theyre very beneficial and I have recently become practising and I found that this method of dawah very beneficial. Please don't stop posting anything :(((

I'll miss the inspirational blogs..

I hope my persuasion has caused u to reconsider!!

Well if u do decide to give up..just know that the blogs will be missed and so will the blogger.

A fellow muslim

Anonymous said...


It's me again. Please do not go Brother Zain!!!



xmuslimahx said...

Assalamu Alaikum,


Just wait for my comment Molana!



Veiled Knight said...

asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah

you simply cannot delete this blog. Too many people benefit from it, if you were to take this blog down youd be taking down a "source of salvation..." true there are other blogs out there..but not so many like this one. here you have taken daily life and made lessons out of it, most lessons which most people don't even think to make...

Please don't delete this blog, for our sake. JazakAllahukhayr, may Allah grant you success in both worlds insha'Allah and bless you for the work you continue to do for this deen.

Wasalamualaikum warahmatullah

ﻪﻣﻃﺎﻔ said...



Aaj ki zamana meh its Dont Trust Anybody.. Except Allah.. In fact perhaps it was always like that?!.. Anyway brother I just thought I would leave you a message to say you have written some thought provoking stuff on your blogs and I am not really keen on the whole blogs idea.. So that’s saying something! May Allah except your efforts and contribution and reward you for your time. Ameen.
Good luck with figuring out the issues InshAllah it will be easier then you think.

Take care, Dua me yaad


Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum brother Zain

I always look forward to reading ur blogs...they are very informative and thought provoking...

May Allah reward you for the time and effort you have put into helping others.

mujahidah an nafs said...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah...

May Allah (swt) bless u always, and may he only bring all the good in the world 2u...May he reward u for ur efforts and may he raise u in rank and status.Ameen.

Jazakallah khair.



Anonymous said...


sis ur not the only one sobbing :(

brother zain if ur there anything we can do to persuade you to come back and give us ur blogs..???

a fellow muslim

Zain said...

As Salaamu Alaykum,

Jazakallah for all those who have made comments on this blog. I had no intention of returning, but Alhumdulillah, if so many people are gaining benefit from this blog.

I can't thank everyone enough for showing their support.

Forgive me for my shortcomings and remember me in your Duas.

Insha-allah brother Adam will be blogging very soon and I am sure that he will enlighten us with the vast knowledge he has acquired.

Jazakallah once again.