Friday, May 20, 2005

How Rich Am I?

During this past couple of days, we have been having some good weather. It may not have been the hottest of days, but at least the sun was out and the sky was clear.

So, I set of in my car, and thought I'd enjoy the weather with a nice long drive (which is like fifteen minutes, because I have to be back at the office). I set off, on a long stretch of road (keeping my eye open for speed cameras) and put my foot down (just a little).

In Leicester, it's common to stop the car every, say, five minutes. At the traffic lights, behind approximately fifteen to twenty cars, my car came to a halt, on the right side was a restaurant and on the left side some houses (with really nice cars).

I was just having a look around when something unusual caught my eye; I saw a women pushing a pushchair in the most awkward manner. She seemed to be young and very able. When I did look at what she was doing, I realised that one of her arms was either short or maybe cut of. She was pushing the buggy with what seemed like her shoulders to the bus stop.

The light had gone green by now, and I made my way forward. But that little stop at the traffic light opened up my eyes and my heart to ponder...

... How rich am I? Can I complain? Have I ever stopped and wondered? Am I suffering?

At some time in life, maybe all of us have felt deprived, depressed, poor and neglected. Some of us complain, others use it as an excuse to do whatever we please in life. But have we truly had the time to stop, ponder and then be thankful?

If it was not for a traffic light, would I not have gone along with my usual day, thinking I was overworked, I deserved better, I need a nicer car, more money, etc?

Yet, when we look at the things Allah puts his other slaves through, it makes us realise that we are the richest people in the world. We may not have a car, but we have our feet. We may not have a bungalow, but we have a shelter over our heads. We may not be handsome or pretty, but we have a perfectly normal face. We may be busy, but we are able to be active. We may be sick, but we are alive.

Should we not be grateful for rich Allah has really made us? Would we sacrifice our hands, arms, legs, eyesight or our sense of hearing for even a million pounds? I know I wouldn't.

I thank Allah that He has made me gave me life without me asking, I thank Him that he made me a Believer without my asking. Now I pray to you Allah that make me steadfast upon your Deen and make me your beloved. O Allah, if you can give man such great bounties without him even having to raise his hands, then indeed you can accept the request of this servant who is begging from you your Mercy. Aameen.


mujahidah an nafs said...


Subhanallah..amazaing post Masahallah.

Allah has blessed us with so much yet we tend to forget his favours upon us.
We should make it a habit to give shukr to ALLAH (swt)for everything we take granted in life and instead of looking at the people above us who have more than us, we should look at the people who don't hav as much as us in this world, to truely realise what the allmighty has blessed us with.

Ameen to the dua.

(keep up the great posts.Mashallah they make a difference to the way people think of things in life, may ALLAH (swt) bless us to think of him in everything that we do.Ameen.)


Abdul Rehman said...

I can say from my experience, I've realised that each time I thank Allah for what He gives me, I receive more. But there are times where I take things for granted, and before long, they're gone.

Remember me in your humble prayers brother insha Allah.

Zain said...

Jazakallah Mujahida an Nafs for the comments and Aameen to all the Dua'aas.

It has been said that in regards to the world we should look at the people lower than us. This is so that we can be grateful and thank Allah for all we have.

And in regards to the hereafter, we should look at the people above us. This is so that we can try and achieve their level and gain a higher abode in Jannah.

May Allah make it easy for everyone. Aameen.

Zain said...

Very true Brother Abdur Rahman, It is mentioned in the Qur'an that if we are thankful then Allah will increase us in that blessing.

May Allah give us all the inclination to be grateful towards Him so that we can reap the blessings of Allah. Aameen.

Please rememeber me in your Du'aas as well.


Anonymous said...

salams,nice post,mashaAllah,jazakAllah for the reminder.hope alls fine..

algerianlass88 said...

Assalamu alaykum,
Aaameen to your du'as. Beautiful post ma sha Allah.